This End User License Agreement (the "Agreement) should be read by you (the "User", "Your") in its whole before the usage of services or products of BIGGEST-MILLIONAIRE. Please note that this is a legally enforceable between you and Microinversiones Virtual Easymill S.A. (hereinafter called "BIGGEST-MILLIONAIRE","us" or "we"), who own and operate the page, which runs under the link: ("the page"). In addition to the conditions and requirements of this agreement, please also take the time to read our Privacy Statement concerning the via the page accessible games and advertisements, from time to time. It will be released to the site periodically and will be integrated, with other references, about which we can inform you, here.

By clicking the "OK" button you accept the Privacy Policy, the General Terms and Conditions and the agreement of conditions and requirements of currency translation, which can be changed or updated, from time to time, due to regulations displayed within and in the following.


1.1 We reserve the right to request proof of age from any customer to make sure that none of our customers are under the legal age. We further reserve the right to block a customer's account or close an account permanently and to exclude the customer, temporarily or not, from our service, if the proof of age has not been given or if we have to assume that the customer is not of legal age.
You alone are liable for any damage, cost or expenses arise from unauthorized use. You have to inform BIGGEST-MILLIONAIRE immediately if you have knowledge of any unauthorized use of third parties and you have to support BIGGEST-MILLIONAIRE in an appropriate way in the successful investigation regarding your information.

1.2. The term BIGGEST-MILLIONAIRE and all trademarks
Services and/or on the web site occasionally used trademarks (the "trademarks") are trademarks, services and/or brand names property of BIGGEST-MILLIONAIRE or one of BIGGEST-MILLIONAIRE'S affiliated companies and/or licensors, which are the legal owners of these trademarks. All content on BIGGEST-MILLIONAIRE, including but not exclusively, the signs, images, graphics, pictures, animations, videos, music, audio material and print (the "page contents") are owned by BIGGEST-MILLIONAIRE or one of BIGGEST-MILLIONAIRE'S affiliated companies and/or licensors and are protected by copyright, the intellectual property right or others. Use of the web site does not entitle the user to any rights regarding content of the web site or any part of the page content. Without BIGGEST-MILLIONAIRE'S prior written consent you may not use any content of the web site.


2.1. BIGGEST-MILLIONAIRE disclaims all warranty or representation, expressed or implied, in connection with the service , which is offered to you WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR REPRESENTATION and does not provide any warranty or representation for quality, eligibility, completeness and accuracy.

2.2 Regardless of our efforts to offer you a service of highest quality, security and safety we can not offer a warranty for a uninterrupted, timely and error-free service, for correcting defects or that the here found service is virus-free or error-free.

2.3. BIGGEST-MILLIONAIRE reserves the right to block, discontinue, change or cancel the service with immediate effect and in its sole discretion. We are not responsible to you for any losses which may occur as a consequence of such a decision made by BIGGEST-MILLIONAIRE.


BIGGEST-MILLIONAIRE reserves the right to open, maintain and suspend a user account of BIGGEST-MILLIONAIRE. In every respect, the decisions, made by the management of BIGGEST-MILLIONAIRE, on the matter of the usage of a service or dispute-settlement are final and the possibility that the Board may request a resubmission or of appeal is not given.


Prior to and during your use of the service you hereby represent, warrant and agree that:

4.1. you confirm, that with the use of the service there is a chance of loosing money and that BIGGEST-MILLIONAIRE can not be made liable for such a loss.

4.2. you use the service at your discretion and at your own risk.

4.3. you declare your consent that certain personal data needs to be transmitted to us, for the use of the service (including details concerning your payment). Please refer to our Privacy Policy for further information on controlling personal data.

4.4. you alone are responsible for any taxes or other charges and rates that may apply to cashed-out profit.

4.5. you alone are responsible for the telecommunication networks and internet access services needed to gain access to and use the service and we have no liability regarding this matter.


5.1. PERSONAL USE. This service is designed for personal use. Users are only allowed to use the service to their personal entertainment. Users are obliged to make truthful and complete statements only towards BIGGEST-MILLIONAIRE and are obliged to inform BIGGEST-MILLIONAIRE of any changes concerning their personal data. Users are only allowed to have one account at BIGGEST-MILLIONAIRE and exclusively use the service through that one account. Moreover, users are prohibited to allow another person to access the service through their account. In accordance with the License Agreement of BIGGEST-MILLIONAIRE and the act on money laundering, all users have to be able to submit proof of identity (identity card, bank statements or gas-, water-, or electricity bill). This enables BIGGEST-MILLIONAIRE to protect their users and avoids money laundering related abuses or fraud. BIGGEST-MILLIONAIRE reserves the right to refuse or annul a bank transfer if there is suspicion of an infringement of the conditions of the contact, either on sender's or recipient's end.

5.2. FRAUDULENT CONDUCT. Should BIGGEST-MILLIONAIRE be of the opinion that users are acting or make the attempt to act fraudulently, dishonestly or reprehensibly during the use of the service concerning fields including, but not limited to, use of stolen credit cards, fraudulent transactions or money laundering, BIGGEST-MILLIONAIRE is entitled to take necessary measure with its own discretionary powers. These measures include, but are not limited to:

-the immediate blocking of an user account
-the possible permanent closing of a user account
-the seizure of any lottery ticket assets, which are located on the user's BIGGEST-MILLIONAIRE account
-the communication of information (including the identity of the user) to financial institutions, corresponding authorities and/or each person or institution that have juridical claim to this information and/or the need for legal measures.

5.3. The citizens of Costa Rica or other annexed areas are not allowed to participate in such lotteries as BIGGEST-MILLIONAIRE. The citizens of other states, who live in Costa Rica or are staying there for a limited amount of time are not permitted to participate in any lottery on BIGGEST-MILLIONAIRE. Any attempt to evade those rules is a violation of the agreement. Attempts include - but are not limited to - the manipulation of the data used by BIGGEST-MILLIONAIRE concerning the location or the communication of false or misleading information concerning the location.


6.1. BIGGEST-MILLIONAIRE reserves the right to take appropriate measures if a user violates a rule fully or partially, which has been included here. This includes the termination of the agreement and the blocking of the user account ,needed for the service, and the redemption of all active lottery tickets of that particular and corresponding BIGGEST-MILLIONAIRE account and/or the taking of any legal proceedings against the user.

6.2. You acknowledge that you will fully reimburse, defend and hold free from any cost that might arise from claims, liabilities, damages, losses and any kind of costs, including attorney's fees, no matter their basis, BIGGEST-MILLIONAIRE and its shareholders, CEOs and employees. The reasoning for this might be:

-your complete or partial violation of the agreement;
-your violation of the law or any third party rights;
-the use of the service through you or another person, who uses the service with your account (as defined below) regardless if with your consent or not.


7.1. Any lottery categories of BIGGEST-MILLIONAIRE do not have fixed time limits.

7.2. A distribution of profit is only reached when the particular lottery category is filled with the previously stated number of lottery tickets.

7.3. The user does not have the right to return a purchased lottery ticket in any lottery category.


Insofar as permitted by law, does BIGGEST-MILLIONAIRE not accept any liability for particular, incidental, immediate, direct or consequential damages of any kind (including but not limited to right to compensation for loss of business profit, business interruption, lost business information or any other kind of financial loss), which result of the use (or abuse) of the service. This is also the case, if BIGGEST-MILLIONAIRE obtained knowledge ,prior to the incident, of the possibility of such a damage.


9.1. Each account is accessible through a combination of the use of a unique username ("username") and a unique and secret password ("password") and other optional and selectable numerical authentication measures (username, password and all other authentication measures will be called "access data"). The users are obliged to pick their username and password, following the rules listed above.

9.2. The users agree that they are solely responsible for the use of the service with their access data and that they are not allowed to communicate this information with others.

9.3. The users oblige to keep their access data secret and confidential and to take any necessary measures to ensure confidentiality. Any unauthorized use of access data is the responsibility of the user and will be treated like a normal use. Any resulting liability is that of the user.

9.4. It is the user's full responsibility to pay any debts to BIGGEST-MILLIONAIRE. You agree that you will not place any chargebacks and/or to deny or withdraw a payment that you have made, regarding the service. You will compensate the cost of any chargebacks, denials or withdraws of your payments and also for any damage that occurs on our end as a result.

9.5. BIGGEST-MILLIONAIRE reserves the right to check a user's creditworthiness and/or identity through third parties, such as credit agencies or services and use information the user has given us during the registration process to the service. Credit agencies or services are allowed to save these kinds of information, however they are prohibited to use the information otherwise.

9.6. BIGGEST-MILLIONAIRE reserves the right to use electronic of payment processing of third parties and/or financial institutions for processing payment made to you and by you in connection to the use of the service.


BIGGEST-MILLIONAIRE reserves the right to update or alter these agreements or some wordings anytime and without notice. Such a changed agreement will be binding for you 14 days after its' release on the website. We advise you to visit this site regularly and to check the here listed and currently valid conditions. Your continued use of the website is seen as a consent to any changes of this agreement.


Each party agrees irreversibly that only the courts of Costa Rica have exclusive jurisdiction regarding any claim, dispute or difference of opinion concerning this service and any resulting matter. Each party hereby agrees irreversibly to waive the possible right to contradict actions before court, such as to object a lawsuit in those courts or to state that this lawsuit has been made in a adverse court or that these courts have no jurisdiction.


Should individual terms of this agreement be illegal, ineffective or lose their effectiveness due to later circumstances in the jurisdiction the legal effectiveness of the other agreements should not be effected.


BIGGEST-MILLIONAIRE reserves the right to transfer this agreement entirely or partially and without notice and anytime. Users are not entitled to transfer their rights and obligations from this agreement.


14.1. No tolerance of a violation of the agreement through BIGGEST-MILLIONAIRE (including the omitting through BIGGEST-MILLIONAIRE to request accurate and exact compliance of a provision of the agreement) should be seen as if there will be tolerance in future regarding violations of any kind of the agreement.

14.2. No part of this agreement gives benefits or rights to third parties not part of this agreement.

14.3. No part of this agreement places the parties in the relationship of partners, representation, administrative arrangements, trustees or a point venture and should not be interpreted as such.

14.4. This agreement contains the full and complete understanding between the parties concerning the service and supersedes all prior arrangements and understandings, whether written or oral, appertaining to the subject matter of this agreement.

14.5. the user undertakes to ensure complete and accurate information communication concerning all details and information given to BIGGEST-MILLIONAIRE in conjunction with the use of the offered services and the conditions of the Privacy Policy.

14.6. In case of any discrepancy between the various translated versions of this agreement please refer to the original, german version, which is to be seen as the authoritative version.

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